Welcome to M.E.E.T. Retail Workers. Com, an ongoing community dedicated to the redevelopment

of a standard of Morals and Ethics both in the work place and in society at large.


For too long now we have seen a decline in virtue within not only our work environments,

But with in our own communities.


We are here to attempt and effect a change in the structure of our own lives by of a return to the basic

principle of involvement with those that we work for and live with.


The corporate culture of this country has for the last several years been allowed to run,

Shall we just say "amuck", with little or no regard for the very workforce that is responsible for their existence.


This has been shown to all of us that with many of the events of scandalous behavior by the likes of

many companies such as the Enron Corp,  among others. This has started to cause a change

in the very foundation of social as well as  corporative government.


The true owners; the shareholders, as well the employes theirself of the vast majority of corporate America

can no longer

set idle and allow a "self-appointed" Board of Directors to dictate their own

self-centered and self-motivated worth.


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